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social media accounts to follow for study abroad, who to follow for study abroad, facebook pages to like about study abroad

16 Social Media Accounts to Follow While Studying Abroad

social media accounts to follow for study abroad, who to follow for study abroad, facebook pages to like about study abroad

It sometimes feels as though our lives are based around social media. From Facebook and Twitter to new mobile apps such as Instagram and Vine, information is constantly circulating around us. However, instead of wasting your time Facebook stalking your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, why not use these sites for something productive? Social media can be a useful platform for researching different study abroad locations, programs, and activities, and it can help you with understanding and integrating into your host country and culture.

So to help you make the most out of your study abroad experience, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite social media sites for student travelers. And don’t forget to follow The Abroad Guide on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+ for tons more travel and study abroad info.

Our favorite Facebook pages

Facebook is a popular resource for travel as it’s the easiest and most common way to share pictures, videos, articles, and blog posts about exploring the world, and anyone going abroad would be crazy not to follow some travel Facebook pages.

The Blonde Abroad
Kiersten shares her passion for travel and inspires others to live life on the edge. With beautiful pictures and a new weekly video series, The Blonde Abroad is a colorful account that’s fun to follow. Plus– she’s hot. Check out Kiersten’s Facebook page here.

Everything Everywhere
In the past six years, Gary has traveled to over 100 countries and been to all seven continents. His account covers everything from kayaking in Antarctica to being drunk in Ireland. Head to Gary’s Facebook page to follow his journeys across the world.

Twenty-Something Travel
Every study-abroader and student traveler should follow this account.  With a slogan of “there is no better time to travel than now”, Stephanie provides excellent travel tips as well as motivation to explore somewhere new. Get inspired now by liking Twenty-Something Travel.

Nomadic Matt
Matt hasn’t stopped traveling since 2006 and he is here to show you how to see the world easily and inexpensively. His extensive knowledge provides for some fascinating guides, tips, and pictures all about budget travel. Follow Matt on Facebook.

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Tweeps to Follow While You’re Studying Abroad

Any traveler looking for quick tips on finding the best hotels, restaurants, and weekend getaways should head over to Twitter. Below are a few of the most resourceful and engaging travel accounts on Twitter.

Nomadic Chick
Jeannie’s Twitter is the home of useful travel tips and gorgeous pictures of the world. She is a unique tweeter and covers insightful subjects such as traveling as a single woman. Check out Jeannie’s account to gain a better understanding of how to travel successfully.

Travel Editor
This profile, from the editors of Independent Traveler, includes everything from booking the right hotels to picking out the best stationary. For an energetic and amusing source of travel information, follow them at.

Reid on Travel
Robert Reid is Lonely Planet’s US Travel Editor and has also written over 20 travel guidebooks and articles. His Twitter account focuses on his wonderful and eccentric discoveries around the world.

Chic Travel
Melanie is a hotel and culinary “insider”. Her posts range from awareness about global issues to where to find the best food. If you want to do luxury travel on a budget, check out Melanie’s Twitter page.

Pin-worthy Travel Accounts
Pinterest has become more than just a collection of recipes and do-it-yourself projects for housewives. It is the ultimate fountain of travel knowledge, with everything from unique destinations to activities to do in each country. Check out these Pinterest travel accounts:

Go Overseas
This study abroad brand’s Pinterest account includes information and photos that cover everything from cool travel gear to festivals around the world. With links to great articles about studying, volunteering, and teaching abroad, it is an essential Pinterest account to follow for anyone going abroad.

Globetrotter Girls
Jess and Dani’s Pinterest is informative, inspirational, and exotic. With advice like what books to read while traveling and how to exercise while on the road, these ladies provide tons of great travel resources.

yTravel Blog
Caz and Craig cover everything you could think of when it comes to traveling independently and as a family. From the best pubs in a city to parenting while on the road, this couple from Australia can help you with anything travel-related. Follow them on Pinterest to get a different perspective on traveling the world.

Seattle’s Travels
Seattle organizes her Pinterest by country so it is easy to find her myriad of resources for each particular destination.  She’s known in travel world for her travel-inspired tattoos. Check out Seattle’s Pinterest for an edgier perspective on traveling.

Instagrams to follow for travel inspiration
A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why Instagram is such a great platform for travelers. With its super easy photo editing capabilities, it’s become the ideal app to both share your own adventures and to find wanderlusty photos. Below are a few of the most unique, entertaining, and inspiring accounts:

A New Yorker Travels
This New York native has run with the bulls, swum through the highest waterfall in the world, and spent time in jail in Paraguay. His pictures are just as awesome as his life is. Follow him on Instagram.

Kick the Grind
Mike is a breakdancing world traveler and his pictures are energetic and eclectic, just like him. Check out his account to add some B-boy swag to your feed.

Murad Osmann
Murad’s account is among the most famous travel Instagrams because of his unique photos of his girlfriend leading him around the world. His pictures range from Hong Kong to Venice to the aisles of Costco. It’s romantic, adventurous, and breathtaking. Follow Murad on Instagram.

Wonderful Places
This account is without doubt one of the best collections of travel pictures on the internet. With pictures from all seven continents and countries that most people have never even heard of, there is no way that this Instagram won’t leave you itching to explore.

Have you been tweeting and instagram-ing during your study abroad adventures? Use #theabroadguide and we’ll share our favorite tweets and photos on our Twitter and Instagram accounts!

Photo sources: Jason Howie via Flickr, The Blonde Abroad

Rebecca’s plan to travel the world and learn as many languages as possible started when she was 12 years old and taking her first Spanish class. Now, 4 languages and 17 countries later, Rebecca fills her time writing about and marketing amazing places all over the world. When not convincing people to travel, she can be found eating hummus, belting out showtunes, and watching penguin videos. For more travel tips, baller cinnamon bun recipes, and pictures from her mountain home, follow her on Twitter (@heyrebeccabroad) and Instagram (@rebeccamoree).

5 thoughts on “16 Social Media Accounts to Follow While Studying Abroad

  1. Carrie

    This is so interesting to me, so much has changed from when I did my study abroad in the early 90’s. I’m curious about how technology has changed the experience. When I did my study abroad letters were still the main communication with home. I had a phone card so I could make an international call home MAYBE once a week. I couldn’t keep in touch with friends via social media and I’m grateful. I was more isolated from home, but so deeply entrenched in the experience I was having and the people I was having it with, because that was all that was available to me. It really was a grand adventure on my own. I completely believe it is still a grand adventure, but simply wonder how technology has changed the experience.

    Enjoy the ride!

    1. Jess

      It definitely has changed it Carrie. It’s interesting to see– it’s even changed a ton since I went abroad 4 years ago (no smartphones, Instagram, barely anyone blogged, etc). I think that the technology can ruin the experience for some if they let it, but can enhance it too! It also allows students who wouldn’t be comfortable being away from home for so long without quick and direct contact to their families to be able to go abroad and have that amazing experience.

  2. Dave F

    Great post & good idea! I recently moved to London and I follow @allabroaduk on Instagram. Always have great photos around London & the UK 🙂


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