Elizabeth Hehir

Liz is a recent graduate from Marist with degrees in English and psychology. She fulfilled her dream of living and studying in London during her junior year of college and cannot wait to keep exploring the world. When not writing and daydreaming about future travels, she loves hiking, reading and rowing. You can read about her back in the United States on her blog.

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How to Make the Most of Your Short-Term Study Abroad Experience

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5 Ways to Save Up Some Cash Before Studying Abroad

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10 Must-Snap Photo Ops While Studying in Europe

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The Abroad Guide to Budget Airlines

I can remember the first time I saw a flight for £14.99 – my heart started racing, my imagination went wild, and I think I heard my debit card calling to me....

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How to Fit in with the Locals in London

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16 Great Places to Eat While Studying Abroad in London

The British are known for a few really cool things, like being extremely posh, the Queen, and tea. They are not, however, known for their delicacies and local fare. But...