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10 Jobs That Pay You to Travel

Originally published in 2013. Wanderlusters, rejoice. If instead of applying for boring entry-level jobs on LinkedIn you’ve been reading through every travel blog out...

How to Get a Cheap Master's Degree Abroad - Getting a Master's Degree in Sweden. You can get a Master's Degree in Europe cheaper than you would in the United States by studying in Sweden.

How to Get Your Master’s Degree in Sweden (for Cheap)

I’ve written this really-long-but-very-thorough guide to getting your Master’s Degree in Sweden in collaboration with Study in Sweden — an official resource on...

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10 Things to Do Before Moving to Europe

Whether studying abroad for a few weeks or planning to move to Europe long term, there’s some preparation that needs to be done before doing so that’s more than just...

How to Travel For Longer With Less Money - learn how to make your long-term trip longer by spending less money. These tips will save you money and help you extend your traveling. Includes a free PDF of the 9 countries where Americans can work legally and how to apply for a visa there.

How to Travel for Longer With Less Money

Have you saved up a little bit of money for travel but don’t think it’s enough to travel long-term? You can make your money stretch pretty far while traveling if you...

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How to Get Your Certification to Teach English Abroad

How do you get a certification to teach English abroad? As a native English speaker, you were practically born with a skill that many are dying to have. If you’re...