Tips for spending less money on food and eating out when you're traveling. Budget travel tips to spend less on food while traveling

How to Save Money on Food While Traveling


Budget travelers are always looking for ways to cut their costs while traveling. You want to have the best experience that you can, but need to save money when possible. You can end up spending a fortune on eating if you aren’t careful, so use these tips on how to save money on food while traveling.

Stop by the supermarket or convenience store

Whenever you’re in a major city, you should  be able to find a supermarket or convenience store somewhere near where you’re staying. Convenience stores in other parts of the world aren’t like a CVS or 7-11, they often have some fresh food along with its canned and frozen selection. Stop here to pick up some fruits and vegetables to use as snacks and to supplement a carb-heavy free hostel breakfast.

If you find a good supermarket, pick up anything you could possibly need– sliced meat for sandwiches, pretzels and other snacks for late night drunk munchies, or even fresh, pre-prepared meals like pastas and pre-bagged veggie stir fry mixes to make in your hostel’s kitchen.

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How to save money on food while traveling-- tips for cutting your food costs while traveling abroad. Some tips for cheaper meals, low cost-food options, and how to find cheap food wherever you are.

Free breakfast= free lunch

Staying at hostel with free breakfast? Get yourself some ziplock bags (try to bring them from home if you can), steal some extra pieces of bread, cheese and meat when no one’s looking, and you’ve got yourself a free lunch that you can eat while on the go!

Take advantage of your hostel’s kitchen

Staying at a hostel that allows its guests access to a kitchen can really cut your food costs. Whether it’s using the community fridge to hold your leftovers from dinner or heating up the stovetop to whip up a vegetable stir fry, you have the option to eat your very own “home-cooked” meal for next to nothing.

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Ask the front desk for cheap food options

Take advantage of your hotel or hostel’s reception desk, as the staff will always know the best and cheapest food spots nearby. They can also tell you what that city’s “dollar menu equivalent” is– where you can get cheap food fast, whether it be from a street vendor or the local KFC– try to go local, please!

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