Where to eat when studying abroad in Florence. Student friendly restaurants in Florence

7 Food Spots You’ll Love When Studying Abroad in Florence


If you’re studying abroad in Florence, you can expect to gain some weight during your semester abroad because there’s SUCH good food in Florence! Even though it’s a pretty tourist-heavy city, if you know the good spots to go, you can eat well and not spend too much of those precious euros.

Make sure you visit each of these spots when you’re studying abroad in Florence– some even have student discounts!

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Studying abroad in Florence? These are some of the best student-friendly food spots in Florence. Study abroad students will love the budget-friendly and student friendly restaurants and cafes in this list.

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Ditta Artigianale

Founded in 2013 by award-winning coffee pro Francesco Sanapo, Ditta Artigianale began as a coffee shop in Florence that brews beautiful Italian coffee while taking international influence. There are now two more locations around the city, and it’s not just coffee you can get there– the food is delicious and all three locations house the largest gin collections in Italy. This is a cool spot to get work done or just have a drink and some yummy, modern food.

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Il Gatto e La Volpe

For basic Italian food, Il Gatto e La Volpe is a favourite for study abroad students. The staff love when students visit, and last time I checked they give student discounts too. It’s great for big groups too.

Mercato Centrale

Florence’s central market was my favourite grocery shopping spot when I lived in Florence, but since I left, the market has really transformed. On the ground floor, you’ll still find stalls selling anything you need for your weekly food shop, plus it’s fresh and not expensive, and is a great place to practice your Italian. Then, head upstairs, and you’ll be blown away by the contemporary food market. You can find just about every Florentine speciality here, like Trippa alla Fiorentina and Bistecca all Fiorentina, plus some gorgeous dishes and snacks from nearby regions. You can even get your fresh juice fix.

Want to learn to make your own authentic Italian meal while in Florence? Eating Europe does a cooking class right in the city, where you’ll go shopping at the local market for ingredients, make handmade pasta, and more.

Gusta Pizza

Gusta Pizza is Florence’s most popular pizza spot for study abroad students. The pizza’s really yummy, sure, but I think students love it because it’s quite social. You get sat at a table with other people, and you’ll usually all get chatting as you eat. It’s good fun! If the line is too long to eat inside, then just get your pizza to go and eat it on the steps of the church in Piazza Santo Spirito nearby.

I Due Fratellini

There are a few panino places I really like in Florence — by the way, it’s panino for one, panini for two or more– but I Due Fratellini made the list because the panini are quite affordable. If there isn’t a long line at this LITERAL hole in the wall, grab yourself a panino for a post-class snack. My favourite is mozzarella, tomato, basil and olive oil. Again, practice your Italian when ordering!

Molo5 Firenze

A bit off the beaten path but a cool spot for food and drinks when the weather is nice. Molo5 is on the Arno river, and has a full bar plus pop up food stalls. In the evenings, there’s often live music or a DJ. Mingle with the locals here while having a chill evening out.

Serre Torrigiani in Piazzetta

If the weather is nice and you just can’t be asked to study inside, grab some food and a drink at this adorable courtyard and use their free wifi to get some work done. Serre Torrigiani in Piazzetta is also just a good place for a drink al fresco in the late afternoon or early evening.

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