Graduation Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers


Graduation gift ideas for travel lovers

With graduation right around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about how you’re going to celebrate your friend’s/family member’s achievements, including study abroad. While we all know that the only present graduates really want is to be able to hide from the impending doom of the “real world”, there are many ways to make this new-found adulthood less scary. Say “congrats” to your graduate with one of these awesome gifts.

Graduation gift ideas for travel

1. Backpack

It might seem strange to buy someone who is finishing school a backpack, but there are many uses for one besides just carrying textbooks. A sturdy backpack is a great gift for travelers because it is versatile enough to use in any travel situation. From extreme hiking and camping trips to casually strolling along cobblestone-covered towns, backpacks are the ultimate packing accessory. Or perhaps your graduate is moving to a big city and has decided to bike to their new job. How are they going to carry their laptop and lunch to work? A backpack! Also, there are some graduates who decide to go right to grad school, in which case, they probably could use a new backpack to carry all of their even heavier textbooks. Get them a sturdy one like one of these options or a more fashionable one like this travel-themed backpack.


What to get someone graduation college who loves travel

2. Snazzy new camera

What recent grad doesn’t want the ability to take awesome pictures? Our generation is so focused on the instant documentation of events, and we all know that there is a positive correlation between number of “likes” on Instagram and overall happiness. If your graduate is really looking to step up their photography game, look into purchasing a GoPro, check out our list of top digital cameras, or look into getting some accessories for smartphone photography, such as a lens or flexible tripod. Head over to this gift guide for some more photo-themed gift ideas.


What to get travel lovers for graduation

3. Subscription for IPVanish

It might seem like Netflix has become the savior of today’s generation, but did you know that this omnipotent service doesn’t work in most countries outside of the US? You feel totally betrayed right now, don’t you? Good thing Virtual Private Networks exist, which change your IP address so that it appears you’re browsing the internet from your chosen country. Check out our article on why your graduate will definitely want a subscription to IPVanish.


grad gift ideas for travel lovers

4. New apartment decor

Chances are that your graduate will be moving into their first “real” living situation come graduation (bye moldy college apartments!). What better way to make them feel more comfortable in their new place than by giving them something that will remind them of their past travels and encourage them to travel more? Try something small like a travel statement pillow or a more dominant piece such as a blown-up photo from their travels.


grad gifts for traveling students

5. Portable chargers

We recommended portable chargers in our study abroad gift guide and you all took our advice– and for good reason. They are literally a gift from the gods. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of something and your phone or camera dies on you. Whether it be in a meeting at their new job or on top of Mount Kilimanjaro, your graduate will definitely appreciate being able to charge their electronics on the go. Check out this article for the best portable chargers.


kindle travel gift, gifts for travelers graduation

6. Kindle

Most travelers love learning new things, which probably means they read a lot. A Kindle is a perfect gift for a traveler because it allows them to read on the road without having to lug around the entire Harry Potter series (but props to you guys who are that dedicated.)


What to give someone who lives to travel

7. Adventure gear

Many travelers will appreciate having the ability to go on short trips during weekends or time off from work, so you can’t go wrong with giving them things like new hiking boots, a small tent, or a snowboard. The more things to get them out of a cubicle and into nature, the better!


graduation travel gifts

8. International cookbook

The best way to make new friends is through their stomachs. If your graduate will be moving to a new city and wants to invite their neighbors over for a housewarming party, having the resources to make their favorite dish from abroad can be a unique experience for their guests and be a perfect conversation starter. Your graduate’s taste buds will also appreciate being able to relive their best memories from traveling. Check out a regional cookbook or a more general travel cookbook for some great recipes.


graduation gift ideas for travel lovers

9. Gift card

If your traveler already has ideas for how to spend their future vacation days, give them something that coincides with that. If they are planning a backpacking trip through Italy, get them a gift card for a wine tasting. If they already have a plane ticket booked to visit their college roommate, treat them to a night on the town at a local restaurant.


graduation gifts for people who live traveling

10. All-expenses-paid trip

Don’t think a gift card is enough? You could always just buy a trip for your graduate (just kidding. Well, sort of). If your graduate has been dying to go back to where they studied abroad, you could surprise them with a plane ticket. For most of us commoners though, throwing down $1k for a plane ticket isn’t in your budget (although you can read our post about finding cheap flights for some help getting that price tag down.) In this case, help your graduate afford a smaller-scale trip. If they have been dying to visit their roommate from study abroad who currently lives a few states away, give your graduate some gas money to help them visit each other or buy a train ticket for their roommate to surprise them at their graduation party. The friends your graduate made while abroad will be their friends for life, so help them keep their relationships alive!

What other gifts do you think are great for graduates who studied abroad? Let us know in the comments!


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