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5 Things You Haven’t Thought to Sell To Fund Your Travels


We’ve all heard the lines before about travel and adventure being only for the wealthy. If you actually believe this, you shouldn’t– travel is one of the easiest things to fund if you make it a priority and get creative. If you’re not really into the whole job thing or are already working two jobs and still not making enough, your solution is probably to sell some stuff you’re not using. Not sure where to start? Let us tell you about five things you might not have thought to sell to fund your travels.

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1. Clothes

We all have that pile of clothes accumulating full of old Halloween costumes, skirts that you haven’t been able to wear since graduating college, and clothes you outgrew years ago. Instead of letting them collect dust, sell them! Between thrift stores such as Plato’s Closet and apps like Poshmark, there is no reason to let an old outfit go to waste. If your closet is overflowing and you need some help deciding what should go, try the hanger trick. Turn all your hangers the wrong way and after you wear something, put the hanger back the right way. After a few months, you will be able to instantly tell what you haven’t worn and should therefore sell.


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2. Your skills

Do you have a skill that people would pay big money for? And no, I don’t mean selling yourself. From fixing laptops and smartphones to repairing cars to shoveling your neighbor’s driveway, there is an infinite amount of ways to start a small business. Especially for a traveler, finding a skill to sell shouldn’t be a problem. Translating, social media/blogging, honeymoon planning, and photography are all very much in demand. Advertise for free on Craigslist, or use social media and word-of-mouth to score some jobs.


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3. Collectibles

Admit it, you still have a large box full of Beanie Babies in your attic. Or maybe you have them predominantly displayed on a few shelves in your room (no judgement). While the value of these types of toys didn’t exactly skyrocket like they were predicted to, there are many collectibles that you can make bank from. Antique dolls, rare coins, old stamps, baseball cards, you name it. If you can stand to part with it, it’s probably worth it. Throw them on Ebay and see what you can get.


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4. Old Technology

Did you know that you can get a good amount of dough for your bedazzled 2005 Nokia flip-phone? Or what about your first iPhone that you accidentally smashed at that kegger freshman year? Websites such as Gazelle let you sell your old electronics, even if they aren’t in great condition. Start getting money for your old computers, phones, TVs, and even VCRs (although you would probably be better off selling those to a museum…)


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5. Your Body

Just kidding. Well, sort of. If you are really committed to funding your travels, consider selling something that could really benefit someone else. There are plenty of things in our bodies that we can live without, including blood, eggs, plasma, and even certain organs. Just be sure to talk to your doctor before removing something you probably shouldn’t (I’m not liable for any dumb decisions made after reading this article.)


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5 things to sell for travel money, what to sell to get money to travel

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