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16 Great Places to Eat While Studying Abroad in London


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The markets in London
London has some wonderful markets at which you’ll be able to fill your tummy with foods of every variety. Between samples and what you’ll find yourself buying, make sure you go there on an empty stomach.

Borough Market has been a staple in Southwark for over 150 years and for good reason. You can find pastries, fish, breads, juices, jams, teas, mushrooms, olives, oils and exotic meats. There are even places to sit down and enjoy a meal, like a salted ham or sausage and egg sandwich, when you get hungry from smelling all of the delicious foods. The market is covered and open all year round, so don’t let bad weather stop you from all of the delicious food that awaits you!

Spitalfields Market has more clothing and accessories than Borough Market does, but there is still plenty of food to be found. There are permanent ethnic food joints in the stands surrounding the market stalls; restaurants, like Gourmet Burger Kitchen, part the market into 2 sides; stalls serving cupcakes, pastry treats and hot foods.

Brick Lane Market is just up the street from Spitalfields Market and offers a wider variety of food choices. Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Thai are just a few options you’ll find at Brick Lane Market, which is in full swing on Sundays. If your sweet tooth wants something more, there are also fudge, cupcake, macaroons and other vendors selling dessert!


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Nicer places to eat in London
Although this can get expensive quickly, treating yourself to a nice meal out every once in a while is healthy. Here are a few options for when you’re ready to don nicer trousers or a dress.

Veeraswamy just off of Regent Street is an Indian restaurant that has been around for almost 100 years, so they’ve had time to perfect all of their curry dishes. This restaurant is a lot fancier than the joints you’ll find on Brick Lane, and they’re usually paired with a nice bottle of wine.

The Fire Station in Waterloo is a fun and historical place to grab a bite to eat. It’s a restaurant and a bar so after you’re done having a casual cocktail you can head inside for a delicious roast or steak. Mains range from £12- £30 and are worth every bite!

Counting House in the Financial District is in fact a pub, but it has a different atmosphere than other pubs in London, which can be filled with loud patrons and louder music. The atmosphere allows for a very nice dinner after a day of touring the City of London, and although it offers pub food, with a few more upscale options, it has a beautiful interior that can potentially make you forget that you are, in fact, in a pub!

People do not come to London specifically for its food, but once they arrive, many are often surprised at how delicious the food really is. Because of cultural fusion -and their love of battering and frying fish and potatoes- the British can offer some delicious meals in London, either in their markets or in their restaurants.

What places in London have you heard are great for study abroad students? Do you have any questions about what and where to eat in London? Let us know in the comments and Liz will answer it!

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Liz is a recent graduate from Marist with degrees in English and psychology. She fulfilled her dream of living and studying in London during her junior year of college and cannot wait to keep exploring the world. When not writing and daydreaming about future travels, she loves hiking, reading and rowing. You can read about her back in the United States on her blog.