Partnership Price List

We help brands in the study abroad and travel industry to achieve their business goals. Our readers trust us— we offer a unique, objective point of view and have helped thousands of readers prepare for their study abroad semester and post-grad travel, and that’s very valuable to us, and to our partners.

Want to reach our engaged, ready-to-purchase market? See some of our partnership opportunities below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us and let’s chat! We’re open to all types of partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

Take a look at our April 2018 Brand Info Kit for more information about us, and read this case study to learn more about how we influence our audience to make purchases.

We offer sizeable discounts for long-term partnerships and for purchasing multiple options. Please note that all prices are subject to change, contact us for final quotes.

Sidebar advertising

Advertise on The Abroad Guide. A cost-effective and simple way to reach our audience.

See our advertising spots here, and contact us for availability.

Sponsored Posts

We have options for sponsored posts that suit all budgets, which can be viewed here.

Guest Posts

We have plenty of experience writing content for study abroad students and budget travelers. We can create interesting and creative content for your site or brand blog. Price includes promotion across our own social media channels.

£400/post, £975 for 3 posts

Social Media/ Content Marketing Consulting

Our Editor-in-Chief Jess Dante is a social media and content marketing consultant. If you are struggling with social media, Youtube, your brand/university blog, or other digital marketing activities in relation to the travel or study abroad industry, she is available for consultations. You can see more of her work via her other business Love and London.

Contact us for more information and to hear more about Jess’s experience. Day rate £500.

Ready to get started? Contact us at info (at) the abroad guide (dot) com.