Gift Ideas for the Constant Traveler in Your Life


With the holiday season not too far away, you’re bound to be looking for unique and useful gift ideas for friends and family. Our Traveler Gift Guide series will help you find the perfect gift, no matter what type of traveler they may be— a friend who is about to study abroad, a family member who’s just returned home from their semester abroad, or someone who’s always got their camera in tow.

Here are our favorite gifts for the person in your life that never seems to be in one place for more than a couple of weeks— the constant traveler.


Gift Ideas for Travelers

1. Portable Charger

For someone who is constantly on the move, there is no better gift than a portable charger. Nowadays there are portable chargers for every device and budget, so there is no reason for travelers to ever have gadgets die on them. However, because there are so many options, picking one can be overwhelming.


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2. E-Reader

Constant traveling means long train/plane rides and tons of waiting at terminals. It also means basically living out of a suitcase with very little room for anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. This makes an e-reader, such as a Kindle or Nook, a great gift option for someone who is always on the move, as it is the perfect way to pass time and not take up much room in a bag. For those travelers currently trying to shove the entire Harry Potter series into their bags, this gift will literally lift an enormous weight off their shoulders.

traveler gift ideas, what to get people who like to travel

3. Electronics Organizer

Keeping electronics neat and organized is an important step for someone who is always traveling. Having chargers, cables, converters/adapters, and devices all in one protected location means no lost, forgotten, or damaged electronics, and you won’t have to look through an entire duffle bag to find your tiny adapter. There are organizers available for every amount of electronics, from the serious techy to the light traveler.


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4. A set of clear toiletry bags

There is nothing more annoying than having to unpack and repack your entire suitcase in the middle of security when trying to find all of your liquids. Not only is this frustrating for you, but everyone else in line is probably wishing some intense Game-of-Thrones-style death on you. To avoid these types of nuisances, give your traveler the gift of a set of clear toiletry bags, which keeps all liquids organized and able to scan right through security within seconds. The different sizes in the set mean that your traveler can keep themselves organized but also still hold all of their bigger items, like hair brushes, away from the rest of their suitcase’s contents.


Great gift ideas for people who are always traveling, this is a great coffee table book for them to keep at home.

5. A unique travel book

People who love traveling also love reading and learning about travel. When in doubt, a book, movie, class, or magazine about different aspects of traveling will always be appreciated. We personally love this photography-heavy book by National Geographic, and they can keep it at home for when they return and need some inspiration for their next trip.

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6. Travel Towel

There is nothing grosser than the average hostel towel. Let us repeat…nothing grosser. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping that the 7 pesos per night hostel provides clean linens, help your traveler out and get him/her an awesome travel towel, such as this one from REI which can also double as a beach towel or blanket.


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7. Passport Protector

If your traveler is anything like most study abroaders, his or her passport will get a fancy cocktail spilled all over it, the cover will rip from being squished in the bottom of a bag, and it will probably be used as a coaster at some point. To avoid these potential issues, investing in a passport protector is a must. There are a ton of great cover options out there, with everything from the standard clear case to something more stylish and unique, like this slick leather passport holder that also has space for credit cards and other important items.


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8. Transportation Pass

Most students who go abroad travel extensively during their semester/year away. An awesome present to help offset the cost of so much traveling is a train or bus pass. Depending on the region, many transportation companies offer different passes, with everything from extended travel to regional day passes. One of the most popular types is the Eurail Pass, which ranges from a 24-country to 1-country train pass.


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9. Wash Bag

Moms of the study abroad community, rejoice. We’ve found the perfect gift for your traveler. We know that you’re already disgusted just thinking about your son or daughter’s lack of washing facilities/desire to actually do laundry abroad, so we’re here to introduce you to the Scrubba Bag. This magical little bag is the most compact, inexpensive, and lightest “washing machine” ever and enables users to wash their clothes in under 3 minutes.


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10. Adapter Kit

Every constant traveler has fried at least one appliance or device (if they’re lucky, they’ve only fried one). There is nothing more horrible than having your hair straightener fry right in the middle of doing your hair, so you’re forced to walk to the nearest store with half-curly half-straightened hair and pay triple what you should for a new one. Do your traveler a favor and get him or her a travel adapter set complete with voltage converters.


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11. Smartphone Case

The key to perpetual adventuring is to travel lightly, and that includes day-to-day life. For those planning on using their smartphone while traveling, the Eyn case in a necessity. This case fits all the essentials, including credit cards, cash, a key, and IDs, all in one durable, pocket-size cover. In many types, a mirror and even a stand are built in, which means travelers can use it to watch movies on their phones. This case is ideal for a night out, a trip to the gym, or for everyday use.


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12. Luggage Tracker

Constant traveling translates to constant opportunities to lose your luggage. We’ve all been there and we all know how painful it is. With new technologies such as the Trakdot Luggage Tracker, there is no reason to struggle with lost luggage ever again. After placing this deck of cards-size device in your bag, GSM and an app on your smartphone enable you to find out which airport your bag is at, and if it is within 160 feet, it will notify you. Can you say “game-changer”?

What gifts do you think are great to give someone who is constantly traveling?Let us know in the comments.

Rebecca’s plan to travel the world and learn as many languages as possible started when she was 12 years old and taking her first Spanish class. Now, 4 languages and 17 countries later, Rebecca fills her time writing about and marketing amazing places all over the world. When not convincing people to travel, she can be found eating hummus, belting out showtunes, and watching penguin videos. For more travel tips, baller cinnamon bun recipes, and pictures from her mountain home, follow her on Twitter (@heyrebeccabroad) and Instagram (@rebeccamoree).

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  1. Amy (Two Drifters)

    I love and want all of these! But I’d caution about using that smartphone case to carry all of your cash, credit cards, or IDs. Phone can be easily lost or stolen. It’s bad enough to lose your valuable smartphone, but losing the source of your funds is even worse! If using the case, be sure to have a secret back up of cash and a credit card hidden away somewhere else, like your suitcase! 🙂


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