weird things that happen when you get home from study abroad, things that suck when you get home from study abroad, things that happen when your study abroad semester is over

11 Weird Things That Happen When You Return Home From Study Abroad

weird things that happen when you get home from study abroad, things that suck when you get home from study abroad, things that happen when your study abroad semester is over
Everyone knows that the worst part about returning home from study abroad is either A) you can’t legally drink anymore; or B) you have to actually study again (or maybe you’re an unfortunate soul who suffers from both, in which case, we’re really sorry). But what about the less obvious things that are guaranteed to transpire when you return home? If you’ve just returned back to the states after your study abroad semester, you’re probably experiencing all 11 of these weird things…


1. Your phone recognizes words like “Neuschwanstein” but can’t seem to stop autocorrecting “om nom nom”.

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2. You find old bus tickets, museum passes, receipts, and coins in literally every purse, pocket, and jacket you own, and you cry inexplicably every time you find one.

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3. You get very easily agitated when less-traveled people offer travel tips. “Have you ever heard of TripAdvisor?” is the one that sends you straight through the roof.

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4. There is a noticeable lack of bruises and blisters on your body because of a serious decrease in physical activity and/or drunken escapades on cobblestone streets.

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5. You realize you’re not constantly questioning your fashion choices anymore. Your yoga pants blend in perfectly at home.



6. You’ve never appreciated the Trojan brand more.


7. You realize there are certain things you will never cleanse yourself of no matter how much your friends make fun of you. Your location on Facebook? Still Madrid. Your last 10 euro bill? Yep, it’ll still be in your wallet 3 years from now.

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8. Your Instagram has taken a serious hit. What are you supposed to post now that you don’t have constant photo ops? Throwback pictures? Everyone knows #tbt’s won’t get you nearly as many likes as real-time posts.

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9. You feel personally victimized whenever someone bashes your host country or city and have made it your mission to correct every misinformed person. No, not everyone in Mexico deals drugs and no, Australia and Austria are not the same country.

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10. People look at you like you’re a genius because you can easily convert currencies, units of measurement, or 24-hour vs. 12-hour clock.

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11. Your mom gets mad at you for the “bizarre” habits you’ve developed. Yelling “Ole Ole Ole” and “GOL! GOL! GOOOOLLL!” used to be awesome, but when you do it at home, you’re suddenly “an alcoholic” and “ruining the July 4th barbecue”.

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What strange things have happened to you since returning home? Share in the comments and send this to your study abroad friends who ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO CAN RELATE TO YOU RIGHT NOW.


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