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10 Places You Must Visit When Studying Abroad in Australia

0 Comments 22 July 2014

Getting to Australia requires a lot of patience – and a good neck pillow! The most common flight path is from LAX with a flight lasting up to 14 hours. However, once you land, there are tons of great places to live, study or just visit for the weekend! Here are some “can’t miss” places […]

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Fun Things to Do on a Sunny Day in Dublin

0 Comments 15 July 2014

Whether you’re studying in Dublin this summer, next semester, or just have plans to visit someday, there is one thing almost all travel guides warn you of– the rain! So much so, you are prepared to hunker down in a cozy pub with a hot whiskey or pint of Guinness if you happen to face […]

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good books to read when traveling, what to read when traveling

After Abroad

11 Books to Read While Traveling

2 Comments 08 July 2014

Throughout your travels you’ll surely find yourself tapping your fingers with a few hours to kill. Whether it’s on a plane crossing the Pacific, on a ferry traveling around Greece, or on an overnight train across Europe, sometimes you need to find ways to keep yourself entertained. You usually have a few options (jamming out […]

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Australia, Destinations

What You Should Know About Studying Abroad in Australia

0 Comments 30 June 2014

When you think of Australia, you probably also think of kangaroos, boomerangs and the outback. But, did you also know that the “Land Down Under” is home to beautiful beaches, government funded arts programs, and a plethora of outdoorsy adventures? If you’re looking to break the “Europe norm” with study abroad programs, travel halfway across […]

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Destinations, South America

5 Alternative Things to do in Buenos Aires

0 Comments 23 June 2014

Most people who choose to visit or study in Buenos Aires are familiar with its elegant European vibe and Latin flavor, but there is so much more to this great city than tango shows and architecture tours. Visiting Evita’s grave in the Recoleta Cemetery and touring La Boca’s colorful buildings are both awesome, but the […]

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where to study abroad for musicians or music lovers

Before Departure

The Best Countries to Study Abroad in for Music Lovers

0 Comments 18 June 2014

Music is a universal language and every country has its own dialect. Each culture has had a unique influence on modern-day music, and one of the best ways to feel immersed in a new country is to become part of the local music scene. From directly enrolling in a music conservatory, to attending local performances, […]

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Destinations, Europe

7 Day Trips to Take While Studying in London

2 Comments 11 June 2014

One of the best things about studying abroad in London is that there is always something new to do or some place different to explore. Even though London may be your home city, try to get out of sight of Big Ben and see the rest of England. Taking a day trip outside of London […]

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After Abroad

How to Use Your Study Abroad Experience to Land Your Next Job

1 Comment 06 June 2014

We go through four years as undergrads in order to be able to land a job when we graduate (so that we can make money and continue traveling, of course!) Students who study abroad are typically better able to adapt, make decisions, be independent and willing to try something new; these are all desirable qualities […]

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After Abroad

Should You Use a Eurail Pass When Traveling?

1 Comment 22 May 2014

Planning a post-grad or post-study abroad trip through Europe is always an exciting (and tiring) process. One of the most intricate bits of planning your trip can be choosing transportation– there are so many options that it often make trip planning confusing and overwhelming. So to help you figure out which is best for you, […]

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After Abroad

10 Reasons to Travel After Graduation

0 Comments 05 May 2014

Graduation is one of the most exciting and intimidating times in your young adult life. Once senior year rolls around you are always faced with the tough question “what are you doing after graduation?” and you’ll hear it a million times. Well, myself and the rest of us at The Abroad Guide think you should […]

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