weird things that happen when you get home from study abroad, things that suck when you get home from study abroad, things that happen when your study abroad semester is over

After Abroad

11 Weird Things That Happen When You Return Home From Study Abroad

0 Comments 08 April 2015

Everyone knows that the worst part about returning home from study abroad is either A) you can’t legally drink anymore; or B) you have to actually study again (or maybe you’re an unfortunate soul who suffers from both, in which case, we’re really sorry). But what about the less obvious things that are guaranteed to […]

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How to use VPN for Netflix

While You're Abroad

How to Use Netflix, Pandora and Other Streaming Sites While Abroad

0 Comments 25 March 2015

This post has been made possible by IPVanish. We only work with brands that we know you’ll love and that offer our readers great products and services.  For those times when you’re feeling a bit homesick or hungover while you’re abroad, it can be frustrating that you’re not able to access your favorite online subscription sites. […]

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What to do in Edinburgh, must-do things in Edinburgh, day trips from Edinburgh


8 Can’t-Miss Things to Do in Edinburgh

4 Comments 17 March 2015

If you’ve decided to book a weekend trip to Edinburgh, you’re in for a treat. Scotland’s capital city is a great place to explore with a few friends or on your own. It’s relatively small and walkable, and very easy to navigate. Once you’ve arrived, the charm of the city will make you want to […]

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Travel Stuff We Love

Enter to win a free copy of the “How to Get the Money for Study Abroad or Long-Term Travel” E-book

0 Comments 06 March 2015

Last month, to celebrate the two-year anniversary of The Abroad Guide, we launched our first e-book, How to Get the Money for Study Abroad or Long-Term Travel. We know that so many of you want to travel the world, but money is tight, so we created this book just for you. And now, we’re giving […]

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While You're Abroad

5 Reasons to Give Street Food a Shot When Traveling

2 Comments 17 February 2015

Studying and traveling abroad takes some adjustment. New city, new culture, new cuisine…it can be a little overwhelming. Mom’s not around to cook your favorite meals and your go-to pizza place is thousands of miles away. You may be thinking, what am I going to eat? After my time abroad, I’m a big believer that street food […]

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how to tell people about your study abroad experience, how to answer questions about study abroad

After Abroad

How to Answer “How Was Your Study Abroad Semester?”

1 Comment 11 February 2015

We’ve all been there. The second you land back home and see your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and that kid you went to high school with, everybody is going to ask you the same thing– “How was your study abroad semester?” Most of the time your answer will simply be “It was amazing/awesome!” and much to your […]

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Travel Stuff We Love

A Recap of our East End Tour + London Student Meetup

0 Comments 04 February 2015

Last week, we hosted the East End Tour + London Student Meetup with StudentUniverse. More than 90 international students attended, and it all kicked off with a tour of London’s east end with Undiscovered London. Kicking off at Liverpool Street Station, our guides brought us to landmarks that you would never notice on your own, […]

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Studying in London? Come to our free student event!

0 Comments 19 January 2015

We’re hosting an event for our readers studying in London– and you’re invited! Tour London’s East End and meet other international students with StudentUniverse and The Abroad Guide. We’ll kick off the event with a two-hour tour of east London with Undiscovered London. With a 98% thumbs-up rating on TripAdvisor, we know you’ll love it. You’ll […]

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Nine Underrated Castles to Visit in Europe

0 Comments 14 January 2015

Castles reward travelers with the ability to travel back in time, marvel at the architectural grandeur, and even cringe at some of the unsavory practices such as torture and serfdom. While castles such as Neuschwanstein and Windsor are awesome and well worth the visit, oftentimes the real gems are lesser-known. If you’re sick of having […]

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While You're Abroad

7 Must-Have Items for Cold Weather Travel

0 Comments 22 December 2014

Ah, winter, I love your cozy sweaters and hot cocoas, but sometimes your coldness is just too much to handle. If you’re studying abroad during the bitter, cold months of the year, figuring out what to bring with you overseas becomes a bit more difficult due to the wildly unfair amount of space that winter clothes […]

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How to Get the Money for Study Abroad or Long-Term Travel [e-book]

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