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Why study abroad? How studying abroad is good for you

Why Study Abroad? 9 (Non-Bull Sh*t) Ways It Improves Your Life

Follow us on Pinterest Why study abroad? If you don’t have any family members or close friends who studied abroad before you, then you might not know why you should...

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When studying in Australia, you can save money on your travels with these tips for cheap transportation and inexpensive weekend trips for Australia students.

How to Save Money on Travel While Studying in Australia

Follow us on Pinterest Studying in Australia is one of the most rewarding experiences any student could wish for – the cultural diversity, vivid wildlife and sleepless...

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How to study abroad for free. Where you can study abroad for free.

How to study abroad for free – 10 countries where you can do it

Follow us on Pinterest Yes… there is a way to study abroad for free. Students often think a semester or year abroad is really expensive, and in many ways, it is,...

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Best London hostels to stay in

10 Best London Hostels to Book a Bed In

Follow us on Pinterest We’ve got some insanely good hostels here in London, and they can be really affordable if you book ahead and find a bed in a room that works...

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Creative Ideas For What to Do With Your Study Abroad Photos

Follow us on Pinterest   If you’re like most study abroad students, you spent a lot of time behind the lens of your camera when you were overseas. You probably...

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Study Abroad Students

17 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Students Studying Abroad

Follow us on Pinterest For students studying abroad next year, the holidays are the perfect opportunity to ask for gifts that can be used during their study abroad...

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Best gifts to give to someone studying abroad - what to give a student who will be studying abroad soon.

11 Gift Ideas for Students Studying Abroad in 2018

Follow us on Pinterest Whether searching for a gift for the holidays or for a unique and useful birthday gift, our Traveler Gift Guide series will help you find the...

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Things to get for weekend travel while studying abroad

20 Accessories For Easy Weekend Travel While Studying Abroad

Follow us on Pinterest Traveling is arguably the best part about studying abroad, but it can also be a huge pain. The stress of traveling with other people, the...

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Should you go home for the holidays while studying abroad?

Should You Go Home for the Holidays During Your Year Abroad?

Follow us on Pinterest For study abroad-ers participating in a full year abroad, the decision about whether to go home for the holidays has to made pretty soon if it...

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How to find extra curriculars to do while studying abroad

5 Reasons to Get Involved in Extracurriculars While Abroad

Follow us on Pinterest Going abroad can seem like a strange interlude, as you essentially drop everything and put your life back at home on hold. But that doesn’t mean...

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