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Before Departure

Studying in London this Spring? Join our Facebook Group

2 Comments 21 November 2014

Calling all students who will be studying in London for the  Spring 2015 semester… Join our Facebook Group! We’ve created it to help you: •   Meet other study abroad students before you get there •   Find out about fun events and student deals around the city •   Get all of your questions answered pre-departure and […]

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Travel Stuff We Love

11 Gift Ideas for Students Studying Abroad

0 Comments 17 November 2014

With the holiday season not too far away, you’re bound to be looking for unique and useful gift ideas for friends and family. Our Traveler Gift Guide series will help you find the perfect gift, no matter what type of traveler they may be. Pick up one of these gifts for a future study abroad-er […]

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how to be prepared for traveling, how to avoid disasters when traveling

While You're Abroad

How to Avoid Travel Disasters Abroad

0 Comments 12 November 2014

If you’re anything like me, one of the main reasons you chose to go abroad was for the opportunity to travel. Weekend trips are a major part of the study abroad experience. Traveling on your own or with friends in a foreign place on a budget can be a little intimidating, and more often than […]

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thanksgiving during study abroad, how to celebrate thanksgiving while abroad

While You're Abroad

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving While Studying Abroad

0 Comments 05 November 2014

  Quite obviously, Thanksgiving is uniquely American. Once you’ve left the borders of the United States, you’ll be hard pressed to find a place that celebrates this holiday in the true American style. For those who struggle with homesickness while abroad, this may be a difficult day to get through without your family and the […]

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how to calm your nerves before traveling, how to calm yourself down for study abroad, nervous about study abroad

Before Departure

6 Ways to Calm Your Nerves Before Going Abroad

0 Comments 29 October 2014

Are you nervous to go abroad? Don’t worry if you are– it’s completely normal to have the “study abroad jitters” before you head off on this new adventure. But there are ways to calm your nerves during the months leading up to your departure– watch this video to find out how. If you know someone who’s going […]

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how to stay fit in florence


Five Ways to Stay Fit While Studying Abroad in Florence

0 Comments 22 October 2014

With all of the pizza, pasta, and gelato in Florence, it’s easy to put on a few pounds while you’re studying abroad there without even realizing it. Finding ways to stay fit in Florence may seem hard at first but there are plenty of ways to get your fitness on in the land of never […]

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Famous Movie Locations to Visit in the UK

0 Comments 15 October 2014

Movies are something that everyone has a connection to. They allow us to see the world and feel like we’re really experiencing it; all from the comfort of our own couches. But what if you had the opportunity to really see the world from a film perspective? In the UK in particular, hundreds of movies […]

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South America

The Abroad Guide to Medellín, Colombia

0 Comments 01 October 2014

Either you’ve probably heard about it for the wrong reasons or you’ve not heard of Medellín at all, but it’s high time to forget all misconceived perceptions of Medellín and start thinking about this city as a great place to study abroad or visit. The turnaround has been extraordinary with la ciudad de la primavera […]

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how to put study abroad on your resume

After Abroad

How to Include Your Study Abroad Experience on Your Resume

1 Comment 24 September 2014

Those who have, currently are, or will study abroad can all attest to the benefits of it. Phrases such as “life-changing”, “amazing”, “eye-opening”, and “once in a lifetime” pop up in almost every conversation about someone’s experiences abroad. But, you need to be willing to dig deeper when speaking (and writing) about time spent exploring. So […]

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While You're Abroad

What to Do When Your Parents Visit While You’re Abroad

0 Comments 17 September 2014

When my parents arrived in London when I was studying abroad, I couldn’t have been happier. I never felt homesick while I was abroad, but I was still excited to see Mom and Dad (even though it had only been six weeks since they’d left me at JFK Airport). When I met them at Paddington […]

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