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how to respect other cultures, how to be respectful while traveling abroad

How to Be Respectful of Other Cultures While Traveling

Follow us on Pinterest With different cultures and backgrounds meshing, it can often be difficult to know what to say and how to act without offending someone while...

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Where to eat when studying abroad in Florence. Student friendly restaurants in Florence

7 Food Spots You’ll Love When Studying Abroad in Florence

Follow us on Pinterest If you’re studying abroad in Florence, you can expect to gain some weight during your semester abroad because there’s SUCH good food...

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Unique Things to Do in Paris - Les Catacombes

5 Alternative Things to Do in Paris

Follow us on Pinterest The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Notre Dame… these are the sites that everyone knows to see while in Paris. But while...

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what happens with a home stay, what is a home stay like for study abroad, host family study abroad

What to Expect From Your Homestay Experience While Studying Abroad

Follow us on Pinterest Many study abroad programs house their students with host families.  If you’re studying abroad with one of those programs, you may have NO IDEA...

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Student-friendly spots to visit in Siena, Italy

6 Student-Friendly Spots to Visit While in Siena

Follow us on Pinterest After spending a semester in Siena exploring every inch within the city walls, I discovered the “hidden gem” spots where local students go to...

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How to Protect Valuables While Studying Abroad

How to Protect Your Valuables While Studying Abroad

Follow us on Pinterest What’s one of the worst feelings in the world? The one you get when you realize that your wallet’s been stolen. And another? The...

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guide to culture in france, what's the culture like in france, how to fit in with the culture in france

How to Fit in With the French Culture While Studying Abroad

Follow us on Pinterest Preparing yourself culture-wise is one of the most important steps for studying abroad. Being aware of the cultural differences and customs will...

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6 Easy, Cheap, and Healthy Hostel Meals

Follow us on Pinterest Hostels have some freaking cool amenities these days. Some of the best hostels around the world are even nicer than a lot of hotels you may have...

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Weekend trips studying abroad in Salzburg - where to go on the weekends when studying abroad in Salzburg

10 Weekend Trips to Take While Studying Abroad in Salzburg

Follow us on Pinterest You’re obviously one of the cool kids who has chosen Salzburg, Austria as your new study abroad home – Wilkommen! This little corner of...

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Accommodation options for traveling while studying abroad

4 Hostel Alternatives to Try While Studying Abroad

Follow us on Pinterest The infamous hostel can be a study abroad student’s best friend, as they’re budget friendly and staying in one can be a fun way to...

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