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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Study Abroad Students

17 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Students Studying Abroad

Follow us on Pinterest For students studying abroad next year, the holidays are the perfect opportunity to ask for gifts that can be used during their study abroad...

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Best gifts to give to someone studying abroad - what to give a student who will be studying abroad soon.

11 Gift Ideas for Students Studying Abroad in 2018

Follow us on Pinterest Whether searching for a gift for the holidays or for a unique and useful birthday gift, our Traveler Gift Guide series will help you find the...

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Things to get for weekend travel while studying abroad

20 Accessories For Easy Weekend Travel While Studying Abroad

Follow us on Pinterest Traveling is arguably the best part about studying abroad, but it can also be a huge pain. The stress of traveling with other people, the...

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Should you go home for the holidays while studying abroad?

Should You Go Home for the Holidays During Your Year Abroad?

Follow us on Pinterest For study abroad-ers participating in a full year abroad, the decision about whether to go home for the holidays has to made pretty soon if it...

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How to find extra curriculars to do while studying abroad

5 Reasons to Get Involved in Extracurriculars While Abroad

Follow us on Pinterest Going abroad can seem like a strange interlude, as you essentially drop everything and put your life back at home on hold. But that doesn’t mean...

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How to save money while studying abroad in London. Money-saving tips for students in London

How to Save Money While Studying Abroad in London

Follow us on Pinterest London is one of the most expensive cities in the world to study abroad in, with a one way journey on the tube costing £2+, a latte priced at £3...

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Studying abroad during Christmas. How to survive being abroad for the holiday season.

How to Deal with Being Abroad for the Holidays

Follow us on Pinterest Studying abroad during the holidays can be emotionally taxing. While there are plenty of opportunities to feel homesick during the semester, the...

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What to do in Europe in the winter

6 Fun Activities to Do in Europe During the Winter

Follow us on Pinterest While frolicking in the spring and summer months may seem more appealing, European winters definitely offer their fair share of activities,...

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7 ways you can motivate yourself to workout and keep fit while studying abroad, even while traveling and between study abroad classes.

7 Ways to Get Yourself to Exercise While Studying Abroad

Follow us on Pinterest We’ve talked about the Study Abroad 15 and how to avoid it, and surprise, surprise– exercising helps! Sure, I’m all about...

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how to respect other cultures, how to be respectful while traveling abroad

How to Be Respectful of Other Cultures While Traveling

Follow us on Pinterest With different cultures and backgrounds meshing, it can often be difficult to know what to say and how to act without offending someone while...

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