While You're Abroad

What to Do When Your Parents Visit While You’re Abroad

0 Comments 17 September 2014

When my parents arrived in London when I was studying abroad, I couldn’t have been happier. I never felt homesick while I was abroad, but I was still excited to see Mom and Dad (even though it had only been six weeks since they’d left me at JFK Airport). When I met them at Paddington […]

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South America

The Abroad Guide to Eating and Drinking in Argentina

0 Comments 11 September 2014

The food in Argentina is as diverse and wonderful as the country itself. Despite its location in Latin America, Argentine food is quite different than its neighbors’, and while many people like to think that all Latin countries eat tacos and salsa, this could not be further from the truth. Mediterranean-style ingredients (primarily Spanish and Italian) have […]

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The Abroad Guide to London's Markets - Borough Market

While You're Abroad

The Abroad Guide to London’s Markets

1 Comment 27 August 2014

When I touched down at Heathrow, I thought a market was a place to buy fruit and maybe bread. I had no idea about what the markets of London held. This city is home to some of the best and most diverse markets in the world- and there are so many of them! I found […]

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packing tips for traveling on the weekends study abroad, how to pack for weekend travel study abroad

While You're Abroad

How to Pack for a Weekend Trip While Studying Abroad

0 Comments 18 August 2014

Because most study abroad students have classes during the week, the majority of your traveling will take place on your ever-precious weekends. And because you’ll most likely be flying on budget airlines for these trips, you’ll only be taking carry-on luggage with you (unless you want to pay more to check a bag than your actual […]

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Before Departure

Tips for Finding Student Accommodation in London

0 Comments 14 August 2014

Finding student accommodation can be tricky. There is so much choice and so many different things to think about when it comes to selecting a place to live. It can be tempting to just go for the first one you see so you can tick off another job and just concentrate about being excited for […]

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Real Abroad

We’re Recruiting a Social Media Intern for Fall 2014!

0 Comments 11 August 2014

If you’re obsessed with all things study abroad and travel and just can’t seem to tear yourself away from your Instagram and Twitter accounts— we’re looking for you. Apply to be our Fall 2014 social media intern! This is a great opportunity to build your social media skills and learn how to effectively promote a […]

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save money study abroad australia


How to Save Money While Studying Abroad in Australia

0 Comments 05 August 2014

While traveling abroad is all about trying new things and living “in the moment”, it’s still important that you keep one foot firmly on the ground. You can definitely go skydiving, snorkeling, and play with koalas, but you kind of need to remember how you’re paying for all this! As well as staying safe and […]

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Fall 2014 editorial internship

Real Abroad

Apply to be a Fall 2014 Editorial Intern at The Abroad Guide!

0 Comments 01 August 2014

The Abroad Guide is recruiting editorial interns for this fall! Did you study abroad, love to travel, and want to build your writing portfolio? Then apply for to be a Fall 2014 Editorial Intern at The Abroad Guide. What we’re looking for: 1. Study abroad experience is a must– if you haven’t studied abroad, please apply […]

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Europe, Travel Stuff We Love

Travel Stuff We Love: Generator Hostel London Review

0 Comments 28 July 2014

A few weeks ago, the cool people at Generator Hostel invited Jess, our Editor-in-Chief, to stay the night at their newly refurbished London location and to see for herself if it’s a hostel that we’d want to recommend to our readers. Her thoughts… Location If you’re coming to London via the Eurostar, this hostel is in a great location. […]

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must do's when studying in Australia, what to do when studying in australia


10 Places You Must Visit When Studying Abroad in Australia

0 Comments 22 July 2014

Getting to Australia requires a lot of patience – and a good neck pillow! The most common flight path is from LAX with a flight lasting up to 14 hours. However, once you land, there are tons of great places to live, study or just visit for the weekend! Here are some “can’t miss” places […]

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