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Should You Use a Eurail Pass When Traveling?

Planning a post-grad or post-study abroad trip through Europe is always an exciting (and tiring) process. One of the most intricate bits of planning your trip can be...

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Must-Take Day Trips While Studying in Bavaria or Austria

Known for its outdoor recreation, quaint towns, outstanding beer, and famous fairy tales, southern Germany and northwestern Austria have much to offer to those studying...

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10 Must-Snap Photo Ops While Studying in Europe

A huge part of studying abroad in Europe–besides studying– is traveling throughout the beautiful continent. Europe makes it very easy and affordable to hop...

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10 European Cities to Visit During the Winter

From sleigh rides through the Swiss countryside and skiing the breathtaking Alps to lounging in outdoor thermal pools and raging at ice festivals, there are some great...

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How to Take the Train in Italy (for Study Abroad Students)

One of the most rewarding parts about studying abroad is the chance you’ll have to explore not only your host city, but your host country. If you’re studying...

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The Abroad Guide to Salzburg, Austria

The only appropriate word to describe Salzburg is “magical”. From a rich history and culture to breathtaking architecture and scenery, this small city will make you...