Weekend trips studying abroad in Salzburg - where to go on the weekends when studying abroad in Salzburg

10 Weekend Trips to Take While Studying Abroad in Salzburg

Traveling by Plane:

Looking to experience something totally different? Don’t feel constrained just to central Europe…hop on a quick flight! Salzburg has a small airport about 5 miles from the city center that services several budget airlines. While these cities are not exactly off-the-beaten-path, they are the most budget-friendly for students and can act as a springboard for exploring other nearby areas.


Weekend Trip ideas for studying abroad in Salzburg

7. London, UK

For a weekend trip that requires a flight, London is probably the easiest. It is quick and cheap to get to thanks to direct flights, and London in general has so many free (or inexpensive) things to do all over the city. Not only is it one of the most important cities in the world in terms of history and politics, but it is also vastly different from Salzburg and will give students a taste of big city life without a language barrier.

Most study abroad programs in Salzburg, such as AIFS, include a London stopover for its students at the beginning of the semester, so if you have already been to this area but still want an adventure this weekend that won’t break the bank, consider heading outside of London to one of England’s other fantastic regions!

How to get there:

Budget airlines offer direct flight tickets that typically range from €20-50 each way. London is one of the hubs flying from Salzburg, so there are usually at least a few flights each day from Salzburg airport. Be aware, though, that to keep these prices so low, some of them fly into airports that are quite far from the city. But it’s pretty easy to hop on a train and be in the center of London within an hour. Search Skyscanner for flight options.

Where to stay:
Clink Hostel – There two different Clink hostels, but the most popular one is Clink 78, which is a converted courthouse. Beyond being centrally located and very inexpensive, guests can also watch TV in the room that The Clash stood trial, or socialize in the room that Charles Dickens first had the idea for Oliver Twist. Casual conversation piece!

St. Christopher’s Inn – With its 24-hour reception, 24-hour bar, and close proximity to the Central Line, this hostel is known for being a party house. The rooms are clean and inexpensive, and the free breakfast will surely be the perfect thing to soak up your inevitable hangover!


Where to go when studying abroad in Salzburg

8. Paris, France

Offering discount direct flights to Paris is a relatively new thing for little Salzburg, so jump on it! Similar to London, Paris is a great option for students looking to experience one of the most important cities in the world but with the added challenge (or bonus) of a new language. There is so much to do in the City of Lights that you will want to come back again and again. Good thing it’s so cheap to get to, so you can!

How to get there:

Eurowings flies directly from Salzburg to Paris for as inexpensively as €29 each way. Not only that, but they fly into the MAIN Paris airport, too. Not having to deal with the Ryanair game of flying into remote airports = major win. Search Skyscanner for flight options.

Where to stay:

Generator Paris – The Generator chain of hostels is known for putting out some of the best hostels throughout Europe, and the one in Paris lives up to the hype. This hostel is close enough to walk to a lot while being removed enough from the tourist spots that you can kick back and relax in peace. This happens in particular on its Rooftop Terrace Bar, which has a fabulous view of the city.

St. Christopher’s Inn – Another St. Christopher’s, the one in Paris is just as popular as its brother in London. The party house reputation is applicable here, too, and you just can’t beat their comfortable rooms and free breakfast.


Cool places to visit when studying abroad in Salzburg

9. Dublin, Ireland

A great place for students to run away to any time of year, Dublin is the gateway to all types of Emerald Isle exploration. Whether you want to stay in Dublin and taste your way through the city or head to the countryside or coast and experience some authentic trad music and step dancing, Dublin is the springboard for it all!

How to get there:

Direct flights from Salzburg to Dublin typically range from €30-65 each way. The highlight of traveling to Dublin vs. London via budget airline is that travelers will arrive directly at the main (and only) Dublin airport, so getting into the city center is fast and cheap. Search Skyscanner for flight options.

Where to stay:
A Dublin travel tip – many hostels offer discount tour packages to the countryside around Dublin, so if you fancy a cheap afternoon where they filmed Braveheart, book a tour through your hostel’s front desk. (And in case you were wondering, yes, Braveheart was really filmed in Ireland, not Scotland, and is a sensitive subject for Scots.)

Oliver St. John Gogarty – Perfect location for college students right next to the infamous Temple Bar, offers free breakfast, and is (so they claim) the only hostel in Ireland to be attached to a pub. Do you really need anything else?

Generator Hostel Dublin – Generator Hostels are always on point, and the one in Dublin does not disappoint. Adjacent to the Jameson Distillery and only a couple blocks from the top sites in the city, this hostel is perfect for students.

Isaacs Hostel Dublin – This hostel is known for being one of the most budget-friendly in the city. Complete with free breakfast, wifi, and a sauna, you can’t go wrong with Isaacs Hostel.


Weekend city breaks from Salzburg

10. Brussels, Belgium

A super international city and major player in world politics, diplomacy, and history, Brussels is a great choice for a weekend trip. Between its beautiful architecture, small city feel, and convenient location near several other top cities, it’s easy to see why Brussels is such a youthful area. And, let’s not forget its fantastic food, world-renowned beer, and famous Christmas markets come winter. Can’t beat it!

How to get there:

Eurowings for the win again! You can fly direct from Salzburg to Brussels starting at €35 each way and be in the city center 18 minutes later. Search Skyscanner for flight options.

Where to stay:

The Stayhere Guesthouse – Now actually called The Captaincy Guesthouse, this 17th century luxurious home used to house the captains docking in the nearby harbor. Complete with multiple terraces and gardens, free breakfast, and free walking tours (and pub crawls!), it’s easy to see why this place is so popular.

MEININGER Hotel Brussels – This mega-hostel is one of the most popular in the city for students and backpackers, so you are sure to make some friends while staying here. With over 700 rooms, all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, convenient location, and on-site bar, you will want for nothing at this hostel.

Bonus! Fly Anywhere from Munich

Well, not exactly anywhere, but close! Since the Salzburg airport is not large, students will have a much wider selection of destinations if they are willing to travel up to Munich’s airport. Under two hours from Salzburg by train and very affordable under the group Bayern train pass, students can hop a train across the border at almost any time of day to get to this larger airport, which will then whisk you off to (some of) your wildest bucket list destinations. Iceland? Check. Crete? Check. Morocco? Ja, bitte, ja! Search Skyscanner for flight options.

If you are seeing Ryanair’s unreal flight deals out of Munich (I mean really, €10 to fly to Ibiza?), be forewarned that the airport they use is NOT the main airport in Munich, but rather a smaller one that will take another two hour train ride from the Munich city center to get to. Be sure to do your homework before booking – being part of the I-missed-my-flight-out-of-Memmingen club is never fun!

These destinations are just the tip of the Untersberg (sorry, bad Salzburg pun), and with Austria being in the center of Europe, it is not difficult to get to any location…even if it’s just for a weekend! Gute Reise, Freunden!

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