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Can’t Travel? Then Try These 9 Fun Travel DIYs

Are you stuck at home this summer? Whether you’re working a 9-5 in a stuffy office or are just plain broke, if a summer of travel is not in the cards for you, it can be a total bummer. So bring the travel to you with these fun travel DIYs! Just try to not get glue everywhere, ok?

travel map diy, travel memories diy, study abroad diy photos

1. Travel Memory Map

Personalize a boring world map  with your travel adventures. Pin your favorite photo from your trip to each city you’ve visited. Learn how to make it here.

foreign coins diy, what to do with old coins, currency coins diy 2. Coin Magnet DIY

You know all of those leftover coins that you have from your study abroad semester? Use them as magnets for your fridge or magnetic board for fun little reminders of your travels. Learn how to do it here.

what to do with coins from different counties, coin jewelry diy, study abroad diy

3. DIY Coin Bracelet

Another great idea for those currency coins– turn them into something you can wear all the time. This bracelet not only looks good but it’s a fun conversation starter too. See how it’s made here.

travel diy, travel memories diy, display memories from study abroad

4. Travel Keepsake Boxes

If you collected a lot more than photos while you were abroad, storing everything in boxes like these is a fun way to keep it all organized. These are easy to make and you can match the colors of the boxes to your bedroom. Here’s how to do it.

passport art, what to do with your old passport, passport diy, passport stamp diy

5. Passport Art

If you’re proud of all of those passport stamps you acquired while you studied abroad, show ’em off and turn them into art! Learn how to do this DIY project here.

shadow box travel photos, shadow box diy, travel photos diy

6. Shadow Box Display

You’ve probably seen this DIY floating around Pinterest. Use some of your photos for the lettering, and stick in anything that you saved from the trip– make one for every city you visited! Here’s how to make it.

maps diy, what to do with maps from travel, travel maps lamp diy

7. Map pendant

Need something to do with all of those old maps? This is such a cool idea and it looks AWESOME! Learn how to do it here.

savings for for travel, travel money jar diy, diy savings jar

8. Travel Savings Jar

If you’re daydreaming about your next trip but don’t quite have the funds for it yet, this cute jar may motivate you to start saving. Put a picture of the place you want to travel to in the jar for extra motivation. See how to make it here.

diy old globe, chalkboard on globe, write on globe

9. Chalkboard Globe

Grab one of those old school globes you used to have in your elementary school classroom and give it a new twist! You can use it as a guestbook or just something fun to play with after a fun saturday night. See how it’s done here.

Want some more travel DIY ideas? Follow our Travel DIY Pinterest board for inspiration.

Jess is the Editor-in-Chief of The Abroad Guide. After studying abroad in Belgium during her junior year of college, she caught the travel bug. Her experiences include volunteering in Nicaragua, backpacking through Europe, and a year-long adventure in Italy, and she's now settled in London.

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