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weird things that happen when you get home from study abroad, things that suck when you get home from study abroad, things that happen when your study abroad semester is over

11 Weird Things That Happen When You Return Home From Study Abroad

Follow us on Pinterest Everyone knows that the worst part about returning home from study abroad is either A) you can’t legally drink anymore; or B) you have to...

how to tell people about your study abroad experience, how to answer questions about study abroad

How to Answer “How Was Your Study Abroad Semester?”

Follow us on Pinterest We’ve all been there. The second you land back home and see your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and that kid you went to high school...

what to do with your study abroad pictures

What to Do With Your Study Abroad Photos

Follow us on Pinterest If you’re like most study abroad students, you spent a lot of time behind the lens of your camera when you were overseas– that’s not...