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10 European Cities to Visit During the Winter

Follow us on Pinterest From sleigh rides through the Swiss countryside and skiing the breathtaking Alps to lounging in outdoor thermal pools and raging at ice festivals,...

how to take trains in Italy

Studying Abroad in Italy? Here’s How to Conquer the Train System

Follow us on Pinterest One of the most rewarding parts about studying abroad is the chance you’ll have to explore not only your host city, but your host country....

how to fit in with locals in london, how to act like a brit while studying abroad

How to Fit in with the Locals in London

Follow us on Pinterest While Americans and the British speak the same language and share many cultural similarities, there are many ways in which Americans can make...

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16 Great Places to Eat While Studying Abroad in London

Follow us on Pinterest The British are known for a few really cool things, like being extremely posh, the Queen, and tea. They are not, however, known for their...

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The Abroad Guide to Salzburg, Austria

Follow us on Pinterest The only appropriate word to describe Salzburg is “magical”. From a rich history and culture to breathtaking architecture and scenery, this...

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Where to Eat While in Dublin

Follow us on Pinterest When you think of Ireland, I bet images of cozy Guinness filled pubs, rolling green hills, and rustic stone cottages flash in your mind....