what to buy before going abroad, things to get before study abroad

15 Items You’ll Be Glad You Purchased Before Going Abroad

what to get before going abroad to study, what to get for abroad

8. Swiss Army Knife

A Swiss Army Knife has all of the essentials a traveler could need built into one little gadget (i.e. corkscrew, scissors, knife, nail file, and bottle opener). Remember to pack this in your checked luggage so it doesn’t get taken away at security. If you forget to grab one of these before you fly, it’s the perfect excuse to get to Switzerland and purchase one from the source. In Switzerland they even sell them at hostels, from key-chain sizes to the heavy-duty ones. You can get them engraved – so they’re a perfect souvenir for the guys (or girls!) at home.


items to get before studying abroad, what to get for studying abroad

9. Books

Reading is the perfect way to entertain yourself, whether that is on a long bus ride or on the beach in Mykonos. If you enjoy reading from an e-reader check out the Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon, it’s easy to travel because it’s so small and lightweight.  If you prefer old-school paperbacks, it’s a good idea to bring one or two books to start your trip with and then you can use those books to exchange with travelers you meet along the way. Most hostels also have a book exchange shelf somewhere so if you can’t find it, ask the front desk. You can drop your already-read books there and pick up a new one someone else has left behind– for free! Here are some travel-themed books to get you started.



items for study abroad, items to buy for studying abroad

10. Universal Adapter and Converter

It’s important to do your research about which plugs the country you are going to uses. It’s also important to know which electronics you are bringing require a convertor. Just to be safe, I always travel with a universal adaptor/converter like the one shown above that has different adaptors for each region and also serves as a convertor. It is better to be safe than sorry when dealing with electronics. Consider getting two in case one breaks during the semester.

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things to buy before studying abroad, things to buy before study abroad

11. Reusable Water Bottle

If the tap water is safe to drink where you are visiting, you can save money and stay hydrated by using a reusable water bottle. Water bottles also have many purposes; you can store many things inside like your toothbrush when traveling or they can make a great flask. You can also buy a plastic foldable bottle if you want to save suitcase room.

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12. Go-Pro Camera

GoPros are one type of camera that we suggest getting before going abroad (we have 4 others that we love too). These wide-angled cameras are small and waterproof, which can take awesome pictures and videos of your intense white water adventures or your bike ride down through that rainforest.



what I should get before study abroad semester, things for study abroad

13. Portable Speakers

Your music can follow you wherever you go with portable speakers. They are compact and light, which make them very easy to travel with but they can also be very loud. If you are at a house party you can easily whip them out and plug them into your computer or cellphone and be DJ for the night. Beaching it on the Amalfi coast and need some good vibes, no problem! If you’re looking for a recommendation,  I prefer the X-Mini speakers shown above.


what to buy for study abroad, buying list for study abroad

14. American Medicine

If you are used to taking a lot of Advil to cure your hangovers or Nyquil to fight a cold, do not forget to pack those. It can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for in foreign pharmacies, and especially while traveling, communicating needs in Croatian or Swiss German may be a tad difficult. Get the pill form whenever you can to minimize weight and you’ll be very happy when that cold hits and you still have your go-to medicine to make you ready to take on another day of travel. They even have travel medicine kits that would be perfect for a semester abroad.


list of things to get for study abroad, what to buy for study abroad

15. A Deck of Cards

This is among the simplest and cheapest items you can bring, but I promise you will not regret it! A deck of regular cards or perhaps UNO provide for easy entertainment while traveling anywhere and can be used on planes, trains, and buses. Plus, they always come in handy when you are playing drinking games with your friends.

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Photo Source: Terminals & Gates via Flickr

Alyssa is a recent graduate from the University of Florida. After studying abroad in Florence, Italy for the summer, Alyssa could not stay away from Europe so she decided to spend the year studying in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Spending the day with Alyssa includes jumping off cliffs, exploring mysterious new places, and watching the sunset along the sea. You can read about all of her adventures on her blog.

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    About medicines, take down the name of the active product (ibuprofen for Advil, for an example), and show it to the pharmacist, those names change little from one country to the next (as long as the alphabet is the same) and the cost of medicines is somewhat lower in Europe than in the USA.


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